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I just returned from Zurich where I spent a week for work.  It was eye opening for me to return to my former home of 5 years for the first time. First let me say that the years spent there were both wonderful and hard.  When we moved there, after a lifetime in New York, City, and years as a NY publicist, I was lost. In the  two years leading up to our Swiss move, I got married, had two daughters, left my job, moved to Hong Kong with my husband and then landed on a hillside in a village called Erlenbach.  The first year was a blur, mostly because I was trying to make sense out of how I went from a fast talking, fast paced life where everything was familiar, to this place where I knew absolutely nothing and to top it off, was expected to take care of two very little girls who depended on me for everything. Going back to Zurich, brought all of those memories front and center.  I was able to see some of the central figures and players in that journey. Those people were all women and all wildly different from each other but forever sealed together because of our  incredibly unique set of circumstances -- The Ex Pats.  Aside from all residing in a foreign country - and one that is not particularly welcoming to foreigners - we were all raising young children and were incredibly ambitious professionally.  One of these women, Kate Hughes, is a Founding Member of the original Powerhouse. But all of those women - and others who were not there physically that night, are the most powerful, bad-ass, courageous, accomplished people that I have ever met.  And this is where my PowerHouse story begins.  I plan to start this blog today, with the thought to assemble a PowerHouse group in New York, alongside a PowerHouse digital home, where likeminded women can come together to help each other find our purpose, passion and achieve our dreams, no matter what stage of the journey we are on.  


This blog is by no means ready for prime time, but I am going to launch it anyway.  Because its better done than perfect.  So, please forgive the unformed ideas, design and plans.  The concept is still in my mind but I hope to depend on my girlfriends, just as I did in my ex pat life, to help me and the PowerHouse become a reality.  

I will send out an invitation in the coming days to a meet up in New York City, for those of you living here. I will ask my friends in Zurich for guidance on structure and Best Practices, and together we will make it happen.  Thanks for reading.  Please comment and pass on to anyone that you think might want to come hang out in a PowerHouse.  




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